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ALIVE Movie Maker is a video editing app that lets you create and share spectacular movies that last up to 30 seconds. You have a huge range of special effects and filters to add to your videos before sharing them through the app itself. You can also watch other users' videos within the app.

The editing tool in ALIVE Movie Maker is intuitive and user-friendly. From the timeline, you can easily add any of the effects and filters provided. Likewise, you can manually cut the video or even add an additional audio track with music. Once you finish editing your video, you just have to add a brief description and it will be posted directly to your user account (a lot like Instagram, for example).

Just like what usually happens with this type of social network, ALIVE Movie Maker lets you follow other users. This way, you can watch the videos other users post, leave comments, 'like' them, etc.

ALIVE Movie Maker is an excellent video editor for Android that not only gives you the possibility to create unique movies, it also lets you share your creations comfortably.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher

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