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A huge selection of solitaire games to keep you entertained


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If you like solitaire or you're looking for a good game to help you waste some time, All-Peaks Solitaire FREE is an app with dozens and dozens of different solitaire games for you to play and never get bored again.

In this app, you'll find tons of different kinds of solitaire, so you'll face new challenges every time you start a game. This way, you can play solitaire with various kinds of layouts and rules. The way to play this solitaire is very simple: all you have to do is sort the cards according to their value, from high to low. For example, if you have a five, you can only play it with a four or a six, going higher or lower with the rest one by one.

This type of solitaire is especially intended for anyone who wants to play a game without thinking too hard about their strategy, unlike other versions of solitaire. Enjoy dozens of options and try your luck with All-Peaks Solitaire FREE.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher