aWallet Password Manager


A safe way to store your passwords


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aWallet Password Manager is a tool that will help you to easily manage all of your usernames, passwords, and other personal information.

The application allows you to administer all of your data, even dividing it into categories to have everything well-organized. For example, you could have one folder with all of your online shopping information, while another stores email addresses and passwords.

All of your information stays secure and completely encrypted inside the application. All you'll need to access the app is a master password (which you'll establish the first time you use the program), which is of course of vital importance if you want to view the rest of your information. The application also gives you the ability to 'self destruct' all of the content in different folders, something that you should only do in case of emergency.

aWallet Password Manager is a comprehensive information management tool that not only allows you to store all of your usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information, but also provides you with the right options to keep everything in perfect order.
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