Block Balls


Throw balls and destroy castles and towers


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'Block Balls'is an arcade game where the players have to throw balls at castles formed by different polygons. The aim is to destroy each of the polygons that make up the castle. If you leave even one, you will lose.

The gaming system of 'Block Balls' is very simple: you will have three throws to try to destroy the castle. You must take various factors into count, for example, that each polygon requires a certain number of hits and that you can use the laws of physics to your benefit.

You will find dozens of levels in 'Block Balls'. Every time that you complete a level, you will have to face another one, more difficult than the last, with more polygons that require more hits. Luckily, there are opportunities to win extra throws and balls. What's more, with the coins that you gain throughout the previously played rounds, you can unblock new cannons.

'Block Balls' is an arcade game with a very simple plot, that offers a direct and entertaining gaming experience.

Requires Android 4.1 or above

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