Dash Quest


An 'endless runner' with touches of RPG and epic fantasy


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Dash Quest is a game that combines classic traits from the ‘endless runner’ genre with RPG elements to offer a unique and entertaining experience. You play a daring adventurer who must make his way through fantasy settings brimming with enemies of all kinds.

Your protagonist will always be situated at the bottom of the screen and running forward nonstop, so you just need to pay attention to two controls: pushing the right part of the screen to attack and the left to block. In addition, you can unlock hidden objects and spells to help you throughout your adventure.

Between quests, you can buy all kinds of upgrades for your character. You’ll find tons of different weapons, armours and complements, as well as potions and spells to learn how to use. Additionally, your character can gain experience points and upgrade his skills (attack, resistance, health…).

Dash Quest is a really fun game with gorgeous retro-style graphics. The number of enemies, weapons, spells, and potions you’ll find on your quest should be enough to keep you occupied for a long time.
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Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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