Fast & Furious Takedown


Frenetic, non-stop racing in the world of Fast & Furious


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Fast & Furious Takedown is a 3D racing game where players join Hobbs, Leti and the gang starring the popular Fast & Furious saga. Just like in the movies, there are tons of races where your objective isn't just to make it to the finish line first -- but also finish off your opponents as you go.

Control systems in Fast & Furious Takedown are very simple. Tapping on each side of your screen has you turning your car while swiping upwards activates turbo mode. If you hit another player hard enough, you'll swerve him off the road and out of the game.

When you start out playing you'll be limited to having a single car to choose from in your garage, but as you play and level up you'll find there are a lot more to earn as you play. That said, winning new vehicles will mean completing tons of races and different missions where you'll have to be the fastest, or -- the most furious.

Fast & Furious Takedown is a hectic racing game that successfully brings together all the action of the Fast & Furious movies to the world of video games. Both its graphics and soundtrack are spectacular.
By Nelson

Android 4.1 or higher required.