An adult coloring book full of gorgeous images


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If you love coloring and you're looking for a way to let your imagination run wild, then Pigment is just what you need. Pigment is a coloring book app that comes packed with images and color palettes that give you a wide range of possibilities to fill in hundreds of drawings with color and bring them to life.

This app offers hundreds of drawings designed by talented illustrators like Stephen Egts, Leah Van der Heide, Stephanie Maier, Remco Bakker, Jennifer Kau, CJ Hughes, Amy Brown, and many others. To start coloring, you can simply browse through the catalog of artists or check out the different categories available: animals, butterflies, fantasy, flowers, geometric patterns, etc. There's a whole world of possibilities.

Each one of the elements in Pigment can be colored using a wide range of colors. You can open up the color palette with just a tap at the bottom of the screen. To fill in a specific section with color, just tap on the tone you like best and fill in the appropriate area to bring your drawing to life.

One of the great things about Pigment is that it offers a huge number of brushes and an almost endless selection of colors. Plus, it comes with a tool to extract the colors you like best and apply them to an exact section of your drawing. Create complete works of art with Pigment and enjoy a fun and unique way to color.
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