War Alliance


Frenetic Clash Royale-like RTS


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War Alliance is a dueling multiplayer RTS that's styled much like the epic and awesome Clash Royale. Only this time instead of controlling skeletons, barbarians, goblins and giants, you'll strategically deploy an army of snipers, tanks, helicopters and much more.

Game systems in War Alliance are simple and direct. Each player starts out with three towers: two side towers and one main, central tower unit. Your objective is to use your troops adeptly in order to destroy your enemy's main tower before time runs out (3 minutes). Whoever inflicts the most damage to their opponent wins.

In War Alliance you'll engage 50 different troops, unlocking them little by little as you play. But, in order to do so you have to collect trading cards. Each card is hidden within one of the chests that you'll earn as you play and win battles.

Each unit in War Alliance has its own specific virtues and vices. Figure out which combo of life points, attack distance and speed make for the best choice when it comes to each move. Plus, new features unlock as you make your way up each level. That said, obviously in order to level up you'll need to get as many cards as you can and get as many coins as you possibly can.

War Alliance is a fun RTS. Thanks to its quick duels (they top out at 1 - 4 minutes), you can easily play a quick match anytime, wherever. Making for a hot rival to Clash Royale, its graphics are also quite charming.
By Erika Okumura

Android 4.1 or higher required.